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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Where Women Create — From A Woman's Soul Through A Woman's Eyes By A Woman's Hands

Have you often thought about ... what is inside the creative woman?  Then you are not alone.... I believe as women, we want to know  what makes the "creative" woman tick.

It is hard to express this because it is different for everyone.  I can only speak for myself.   I dig very deep sometimes and nothing happens.....and sometimes it doesn't happen on its own.  We all have experienced the creative block on occasion.  And I have to admit that I have it happen to me quit often.  That is when I have to do something different to make it happen.....

I often have a block when I am under pressure , strained mentally, am just plain tired, or somewhat depressed. When I get down or depressed, it is very difficult for me to create.  But when this happens, I take time to either get away from my desk and my studio (which is my home) or start researching what others have created just to get my creative juices flowing again....

My greatest love is that of watching nature at the waters edge..... and since  I live just 20 minutes from the ocean and 5 minutes from the bay and river, I like to go there to get inspiration.   When I feel the need,  I make a trip to one of these places and get rejuvinated  and refreshed by what I love most.  I enjoy taking quiet walks with my dog,  Sam . And since he loves water play the best,  we hop into the car and go to the water to relax , play in the water or just take a walk..  I get many creative thoughts this way... since I am such an ocean lover I often go to the ocean  to look for sea shells and sea glass.

My advice to you is.... when you have a creative block... reaching out to what you really love to do often relieves the block of creativity that you have hidden inside.  It helps the soul to rebuild what you enjoy in life.....makes you smile, relax and pull from your inner self.

Many have told me they didn't have a bit of creative nature about them. I really do not believe that we were born without it.... I think everyone has something they can be excited about and therefore bring out this from inside them.  They just have to find out what it is and start doing something about it.

One way is to start taking art classes. This will bring your gifts to the surface.  Try something new and see if you are good at it.  We will never know until we try it.

Often we will feel like we just cannot do something and be good at it.  No on e starts something new and will be good from the start.  It is only after much practice that we learn to be good.  It is never in the beginning of a skill that we see we are good.  Practice is always the key.  Doing something we enjoy over and over makes us good and then and ONLY then we learn that we can be creative with that new skill.

Believe me.... I was not good from the very beginning of jewelry making.... It took me years of practice to get to be good and to develop a creative  soul inside.  IT TAKES PRACTICE!

But I have to admit ....some of my students seem to be "naturals" at jewelry making and will become fine craftsmen and women!

One of the most important things women can do is find a skill or art they love, learn all there is to learn every day, create an organized studio or room for your art, then start doing what you love to do with it.  Then before you know it you will be a master of it..... takes some work, long hours, and dedication to it.  But everyone starts from somewhere......slow in the beginning... then the creative juices will start flowing.... IF YOU LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

We all have something inside of us.... it just takes 'Being quiet and listening to ourselves" to bring it to the surface.  Have some quiet time where you have no phones, no computers, no television, or any person to talk to but yourself.... AND JUST LISTEN!
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