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Friday, July 29, 2016

Keeping Your Jewelry Clean, Bright, Shiny and Healthy!

Keeping your jewelry clean is as important as washing your hair...or almost!

You don't want to go out in public wearing grungy jewelry that doesn't sparkle and shine.

It can be as easy as purchasing a polishing cloth.

 I prefer the "Sunshine cloth" for all of my jewelry.  It polishes everything!

If you use this once every week or so it works great to renew that sparkle in sterling silver, gold or gold filled jewelry and gemstone jewelry.

Another tip for your grungy jewelry !!

Use this formula:
Two or three drops Dawn detergent,   add 1/2 part  household ammonia and 1/2 part warm water  Mix and ....Wallaaa!  You have jewelry cleaner!

Simple and easy to clean!   Just dip and scrub a little, rinse and dry with a cotton towel.  Use an old toothbrush ... and remember .....Do NOT leave your jewelry in but a few short minutes and warm water works best!

Never clean ANYTHING while wearing your jewelry!
Harsh chemicals will destroy your jewelry..... Trust me on this!

Also so many people believe  that.....taking a shower with your jewelry on doesn't hurt it!  Well, that is a myth!  Showering and bathing in your jewelry is not good for it and will weaken it with time.

Never go into a pool or the ocean swimming with your jewelry on .... it will ruin it and might even damage beyond repair!  The chemicals in both will destroy your jewelry!