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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Women are Masters of their Minds, Bodies and Souls

Women need to be cleansed of the negative vibes in their souls.  Women need to know that they ARE each and every one,  just as important as men.  We were each created for something special and we each have a purpose in life that is very special.

As an artist and being a woman, I have long been given the rap that I cannot accomplish , or I cannot get beyond the feelings of torture in my soul.  I am not sure if this is genetic or just something that most women from the deep south just  "feel" inside.  I have fought against this for most all of my life... But I am telling you,  you CAN and will get beyond this... it just takes a perseverance,hard work, a belief in yourself and a lot of dedication. I don't listen to this "devil on my shoulder" anymore.... It is just plain  GONE but it took a while!

Women,  we can accomplish and get above and beyond those negative feelings.  It has taken me many decades to learn that women are capable of "the greatest" things.   We are so creative, intuitive and smart!  We are becoming great "soldiers " on the battlefield. We need to become great soldiers of the "mind" and conquor the fears we have had inside our heads for hundreds of years.

I am honored to know many great women soldiers since moving to the emerald coast.  In my day (growing up in the 60's and 70's),   women were just being allowed to serve as "helpers", comforters, assistants, and nurse maids in time of war.  I am so glad that our military is changing these days and realizing our women can serve beside men on battlefields.  Their strength and courage are just as "bad ass" as a man's and we can accomplish the same skills and goals in life and military service that men do.

As my grandchildren get older, I want them to be treated as "people" and not as a certain "gender".  We are all equal and should be given the same opportunities.  It is not appropriate to tell our children that only "boys"  are suppose to do certain types of  jobs.   We should not try to influence gender choices but let them decide what is right for them as people, and not as the old school male or female roles.  It is time our generation got rid of the stigmas of the 20th century.

I woke up this morning with this heavy on my heart and needed to write it down ..... now I have had my say.   Women, get to work.... I want you to be successful and prosperous and go beyond what you  just thought you could do.  Do magnificent things with your life!  BE AWESOME!

I want to see my grandchildren, especially,  accomplish the greatest heights possible!  So much more than I could ever think about doing with my life......
Reach for the stars!
and I want to continue on and BE AWESOME for the rest of my life !!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Important for Jewelry Artists to Create their own Style!

Come join us Wednesday Sept. 23 10 AM for my last class this year.  I will be teaching you how to work with metals and explore the unlimited possibilities of designing your own creations with your unique style... ( the details about the class  are below)

First, I want to touch on the subject of copyrights among artists.

As an artist and instructor... I feel that I really need to educate my fellow artists and jewelry makers on the proper etiquette of developing your "own style" and design niche.      Everyone has their own unique style that can be developed with practice, perseverance and dedication.  Helping you find  that "niche" is what I like to do in my workshops.

I want to bring something that has been tugging at my heart for a while now...I cant tell you how often I run into the very sensitive problem of "copying" and copyright rules  among artists or making jewelry that is almost identical to theirs....I think it might be more common than in most places around the country because here in Pensacola, we are all so friendly ( being southern) and open to helping other jewelry makers get started.  I never really thought about it much until recently, myself.

I feel very strongly about this..... that we as artists should take "an oath"  that prohibits us from creating and then trying to "sell"  art  that is "very similar"  to other artists so that they don't think we are trying to copy them.   For some artists, it is their "bread and butter" and those designs took a long time to develop and it might be what they sell to "make a living"  at art shows...... so they do not appreciate you saying  you want to start making those same pieces of jewelry because that would be just like "stealing food from their table".....  not very nice!  Although it is just fine to say I admire" your work and ask "can you teach me some of these "techniques" you use in your designs?  If you ask the artist and get permission, that is alright.  To come up to an artist,  take pictures, or  take notes  and just say something like, I am just looking at your work closely so I can figure out how to make that same design at home....  this infuriates an artist!!! If they would just ask me, I would gladly teach them the technique but to just blatantly take the design and "copy" it...... JUST PLAIN WRONG! Some artists have had someone use their designs, but give the artist credit by saying something like "inspired by".... and this is just fine.... if they have asked first.

I am bringing this touchy subject to the surface because I feel that we need to know how other artists feel about  this.  It is a VERY TOUCHY SUBJECT!   If someone is teaching a class and giving a tutorial on the design, it is okay to practice  making the jewelry like it at home,  BUT you must know that the teacher and only that person has the right to mass produce the tutorial... and you can only use the tutorial if you have the permission from the teacher to do so.

Also, there is an unwritten rule that if you are going to create jewelry from a tutorial to sell.... that you " modify"  the jewelry enough to have a difference in style and design so that it becomes "your own" art and not just like the one who taught you.  I realize that at first, the jewelry will be very similar because you are learning a technique and to try to mimic the jewelry is only common and exactly what you are taught to do.  And for some of the beginner/ basic techniques like simple "birds nest wire wrapped rings"  or " netted bezel wire wrapped jewelry" , this is a technique in which  most all jewelry looks the "same" or similar so doesn't apply to beginner workshops and techniques like these.   But if you plan on "selling" the jewelry, it is a common courtesy to change the details and style so that it becomes "your own" style and design and not similar to other jewelry artists, but "your own" style.

Just something I have had on my heart for a while now.... and I might not have covered in my classes, but really needs to be taught to new artists that are unsure about the rules.   Copyright laws are strict and you can be taken to court over these infingements,  if you are not careful.

I have never had this problem about any of my tutorials as of yet, and dont really think that it would happen, but you never really know !

 Just realize that it takes many years of  hard work, practice and knowledge to create "your own" unique style.  But everyone has their own,  so keep practicing ....and I hope you can all find yours .

My last class for the year  is next Wednesday, September 23 at 10 AM :

Metals Workshop/  Exploring Forming, Shaping, Texturing,  and Coloring Metal Jewelry ( beginners class )

3 hour morning class & Brunch is served..... $49.00 includes all materials and you take home 3 pieces of finished jewelry!

Contact me on FB for more information!
  Keep practicing "your own creative style"!  and Have FUN!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Spend your Labor Day Saturday with a talented group of artists at the Gulf Coast Arts Alliance

As many of you know,  Van and I spend most holidays of the year  and most weekends either traveling to or working an art show ....

This Labor Day weekend will not be any different!  We will be showing at one of our favorite shows and ( Art Markets)  in beautiful Gulf Shores Alabama.    Gulf Coast Arts Alliance Art Market at Waterway Village.  Those that know me well also  know I am an ALABAMA girl and and my heart is in GULF SHORES, ALABAMA!  This is where,  as a child I grew up going to the coast with my family every Spring and Summer.

Van and I always spend our 1st Saturdays of each month  at the Gulf Coast Arts Alliance Art Market at Waterway Village ( unless we are traveling on the road). This Saturday, September 5 , we will be there and we would love to see everyone who is in the  Gulf Shores -Orange Beach  area from 10 AM - 4 PM that day.  I will be selling my newest jewelry art creations and Van has his unique paintings for sale.

This Art Market is growing every month at Waterway Village ( located next to Acme Oyster House ) and we will be there with some very talented artists from the Gulf Coast.  If you havent toured the new GCAA Art Gallery across the street,  please take the time to do that.... many artists with much talent have their artworks there for sale.

My very talented husband, Vanuel,  will be teaching acrylic painting classes  in a workshop there starting Monday, September 21 at 10AM-12noon.  This class will be a very good one (because he is a wonderful instructor)  teaching you everything from beginner to advanced in an in depth  6 week course.

Contact them at : and under the tab adult classes for more information about his class.  Or you can contact Vanuel on  FB here :  Facebook

I was fortunate to have been featured  in the Mullet Wrapper, a local newspaper in Gulf Shores this past month of August for my handcrafted art jewelry shown at the GCAA.  Thanks to my good friend and one of the charter members of GCAA, Eloise Thomley.

Well, I have just been informed that I have my picture once again in the local Gulf Coast magazine "Beachin" for the month of September.  Thank you so much for liking my jewelry enough to have me in both of these publications...I am so grateful to be included  (thanks again Eloise Thomley)

Read about me and other artists that will be at the upcoming Art Market this next Saturday here;
Beachin Magazine

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Last Workshop of the year ... Limited Space so Hurry!

LAST workshop this year, so  HURRY and get signed up NOW!

  Your LUCKY DAY!   I just had some cancellations, so I have spots available for students if you would like to attend.  But you must HURRY!  I will not teach this class again until later next year  ( about this time of year) so get on board if you want the opportunity to learn all about exploring metal jewelry.  Those of us who create jewelry are aware of the Busy Holiday Jewelry Sales during Oct- Dec. every year.  Most of us make the majority of our income during these busy months every year. I just do not have the time to teach all year long with my schedule!

Last class of the year will be :  Wed. September 23, 10 AM - 1:00 PM Introduction to Metals - Textures, Shaping and Coloring Metals Jewelry   $49.00 includes all supplies, materials, and brunch is served.  You will take home at least 2 -3 pieces of jewelry from my class.  (Remember class has to have a minimum of 4 students paid in advance for class to make) This will be the last class due to the busy season.  I will schedule more workshops beginning in January 2016 so keep in touch.

I have had to get more strict about letting me know when you cannot attend.  I need  at least at least  3 or more days before the class is scheduled if you need to cancel.  Reason:   Lots of planning and preparation goes into each and every class... and I have to order or purchase materials 1 - 2 weeks in advance.  I would so much appreciate your attention to this please!  I will not be able to give any refunds...

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and I will keep all of you aware of any new happenings and classes!

Have a really productive and prosperous Fall and Winter  ... see you real soon!  :)

Message me on FB  or call me if you have any questions!  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Where Women Create — From A Woman's Soul Through A Woman's Eyes By A Woman's Hands

Have you often thought about ... what is inside the creative woman?  Then you are not alone.... I believe as women, we want to know  what makes the "creative" woman tick.

It is hard to express this because it is different for everyone.  I can only speak for myself.   I dig very deep sometimes and nothing happens.....and sometimes it doesn't happen on its own.  We all have experienced the creative block on occasion.  And I have to admit that I have it happen to me quit often.  That is when I have to do something different to make it happen.....

I often have a block when I am under pressure , strained mentally, am just plain tired, or somewhat depressed. When I get down or depressed, it is very difficult for me to create.  But when this happens, I take time to either get away from my desk and my studio (which is my home) or start researching what others have created just to get my creative juices flowing again....

My greatest love is that of watching nature at the waters edge..... and since  I live just 20 minutes from the ocean and 5 minutes from the bay and river, I like to go there to get inspiration.   When I feel the need,  I make a trip to one of these places and get rejuvinated  and refreshed by what I love most.  I enjoy taking quiet walks with my dog,  Sam . And since he loves water play the best,  we hop into the car and go to the water to relax , play in the water or just take a walk..  I get many creative thoughts this way... since I am such an ocean lover I often go to the ocean  to look for sea shells and sea glass.

My advice to you is.... when you have a creative block... reaching out to what you really love to do often relieves the block of creativity that you have hidden inside.  It helps the soul to rebuild what you enjoy in life.....makes you smile, relax and pull from your inner self.

Many have told me they didn't have a bit of creative nature about them. I really do not believe that we were born without it.... I think everyone has something they can be excited about and therefore bring out this from inside them.  They just have to find out what it is and start doing something about it.

One way is to start taking art classes. This will bring your gifts to the surface.  Try something new and see if you are good at it.  We will never know until we try it.

Often we will feel like we just cannot do something and be good at it.  No on e starts something new and will be good from the start.  It is only after much practice that we learn to be good.  It is never in the beginning of a skill that we see we are good.  Practice is always the key.  Doing something we enjoy over and over makes us good and then and ONLY then we learn that we can be creative with that new skill.

Believe me.... I was not good from the very beginning of jewelry making.... It took me years of practice to get to be good and to develop a creative  soul inside.  IT TAKES PRACTICE!

But I have to admit ....some of my students seem to be "naturals" at jewelry making and will become fine craftsmen and women!

One of the most important things women can do is find a skill or art they love, learn all there is to learn every day, create an organized studio or room for your art, then start doing what you love to do with it.  Then before you know it you will be a master of it..... takes some work, long hours, and dedication to it.  But everyone starts from somewhere......slow in the beginning... then the creative juices will start flowing.... IF YOU LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

We all have something inside of us.... it just takes 'Being quiet and listening to ourselves" to bring it to the surface.  Have some quiet time where you have no phones, no computers, no television, or any person to talk to but yourself.... AND JUST LISTEN!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Metals Workshop ... great fun and therapy for everyone!

Just to let my jewelry workshop students know..... I will be giving a repeat of the Metals Workshop class in September for those who missed it.   You missed one of the BEST workshops I have ever done.
 We had a great day Wednesday using the metals workshop as "our therapy" session, girls.   I think I enjoyed it as much as they did.  Nothing like taking out our frustrations   out there on the table "pounding"  away on metals.

See what the students created on Wednesday....

The texturing and coloring was the favorite of most everyone..... Exploring the possibilities of metals is endless and SO MUCH FUN!

I will have another "EXPLORING METALS" workshop in September and I might add making rings and / or a bracelet  with "flame painting" coloring  on brass and bronze metals....

One student didn't think she was that interested in the patina and coloring of metals.  She said later after the class .... "That was so much fun to do!"   " I enjoyed really that part the best!"

I will ask everyone to bring  to this next metals workshop  an apron , safety glasses, and a mask if you are sensitive to chemical fumes.

I will have extra tools available, but you are welcome to bring your favorite texturing hammers and tools.

Keep in touch on my facebook page   and here on my blog for the exact dates and prices.

I will be taking a vacation the month of August... but contact me with any questions you might have about upcoming classes.

Have a great Indian Summer .... we will talk soon!

*** Please note:  I will have to have at least a 48 hour notice if you have registered for my class and  need to cancel.  I am having to do this in order to be able to plan for the students with the correct amount of supplies purchased and still have enough students to teach.   I need a minimum of 4 students to make a class . Pre-registration ( 1 - 2 weeks in advance) is required  on each student attending.  If for some reason you cannot attend ....I do not promise that the class will be taught again.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Keeping Your Jewelry in Good Condition!

I have been asked so many times... How do I clean and keep my fine jewelry in good condition?
Well that is a good question... because so many people don't have a clue!  I always thought everyone knew these things but guess I was wrong!  We take care of our expensive cars.... our expensive clothing but  "not our jewelry" we paid thousands of dollars for!

 There are a few very good tips I want to share with you  ... and one of them is Homemade jewelry cleaner you can make at home .You could purchase a professional jewelry cleaner  or you could simply make your own cleaner.  I make my own because I use so much of it every day making and caring for jewelry.

This is a recipe I use for cleaning semi precious,precious, and most fine jewelry .  There are several ones because each type of  jewelry needs different care and precautions:

Click this link for some great recipes for different types of jewelry:
Homemade Jewelry Cleaner Recipes:

I personally use  this one:   1 part household ammonia, 1 part  dawn dish washing detergent, and 1 part warm water with most all of my gemstone jewelry ( but NOT for pearls or sensitive stone (opals and emeralds)

For PEARLS and other very sensitive stone jewelry I use the following formula:

1 part dawn dishwashing (reg. strength)
1 part household ammonia
15 parts warm water

This makes a very weak solution that is more sensitive. IMPORTANT!  Leave in less than 1 minute and scrub GENTLY  with a soft toothbrush!
Rinse immediately and dry well with soft cotton cloth.

The secret is to NEVER put your jewelry in your jewelry box while it is wet or dirty!  This promotes decay of the metals, harming the gemstones and corrosion of your fine metal..  People do not realize that many chemicals we come into contact with daily are harmful to your fine gold and gemstone jewelry.

Another Tip:  NEVER leave your jewelry soaking in the jewelry cleaner for more that 10 minutes..... REASON:  The chemicals will eat away the metal and or the finish on the jewelry.  All jewelry is sensitive to chemicals.... just like our skin... so treat it like it was your own skin..... BE CAREFUL and take better care of it!

Here is an article I find really helpful explaining the importance of "Taking Good Care of your Jewelry and What not to do!

Caring For Your Jewelry

It really doesn't matter if your jewelry is fine or just gold plated....  you will still need to clean it and store it clean and dry at all times.....

I also use a silver ( non tarnish cloth)  to wrap my sterling silver in and put it separate from my gold jewelry.   This helps keep sterling silver from tarnishing.

It is always a good practice to take you fine diamond jewelry to a jeweler every 6 - 8 months to have them check your prongs and settings.  Especially if you wear them everyday.

Hang up your chains and pendants in a jewelry stand to keep them from tangling up.... I am sure we all know about tangles at some point!  Nothing is more upsetting than to go to your jewelry box to find a tangled mess when you want to wear a special piece of jewelry.

Jewelry rolls with tabs are also very helpful to use.  They help to preserve and keep silver from tarnishing as well.

Also a good practice to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner to clean jewelry with if you have a vast collection of jewelry.  I have one  in my studio that I love to use.... pictured here in the lower right corner.  It works on high frequency vibrations and heat  to clean your jewelry.

Check out my upcoming classes I am having this month and the following few months.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Metalworking Class ..Introduction to Exploring Textures, Shapes, and Patinas

July is here and I want to EXPLORE METALWORKING with my students!

It is such an exciting subject.... METALS!  Jewelry would not be complete without a course in metalworking.  I just love to experiment with all the different tools used in texturing and shaping metals.  Copper is one of my very favorite metals to experiment with because of the many possibilities it has.

Just a few years ago if someone told me I would be working in copper, I would have said No Way!
I have a vast background using gold and sterling silver.... and never explored base metals until a few years ago.  Now I just cant get enough of using copper in my jewelry creations!

So many requests have come in for exploring metalwork... so I decided to jump in and take on copper textures , 3 Dimensional  shapes and patinas.  We will even be learning how to anneal copper with a butane torch!

My students will be learning what tools they can find in their homes and tool boxes .... even screws nails and coins ... everyday items they might already have at home.  I also provide a list of tools and supplies and where to purchase them.

Patina colors in metals is another field we will begin to explore. What can be more fun than learning how to apply color to your 3D pieces of  wearable jewelry art! To personalize is so much FUN..... and applying the Fall 2015 Fashion colors onto your metal art is also what you will learn in this class!

There is so much information I will be sharing along with tips of the trade I have learned along the way.... I do have over 35 years experience creating and designing jewelry  that I like to pass on to my students.

This first in a series of metalworking classes will take place on Wednesday July 29th at 10:00 AM and last about 3 1/2 hours.  You will not want to miss this class... I promise!

I teach in my home studio at Studio PMR and like to keep my classes small for my students' benefit!  Join us for Brunch at 10 AM .... jump in to our FUN class...  I promise you wont regret it!

Contact me for more details ... Follow my blog here and please Like my page you will be kept in the loop!


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Here is some of the examples of  texturing  and patina on jewelry pieces I have done in the last few months!  You can learn  to make jewelry like this  in my class!  I would love to teach you!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Studio PMR gets a facelift!

I have been trying to get my studio in better shape for almost a year now. It seems everything else has taken priority.  First, it was reorganizing the house after moving... then it was just trying to get more jewelry created for my online orders......   adding to our market selections..... then it was planting our garden this Spring..... It seemed I was NEVER going to find time for organizing my work space....

Our garden is looking great after first few weeks of planting this Spring.... I love my husband for planning and planting most all of it himself!  He is so smart.... now we are reaping the benefits of all that work.... But I really need to get busy with my studio.

  He builds my jewelry displays  and puts my shop in order..... I love him with all my heart for putting up with me and my impatience.... BUT I was waiting on my hubby to put up my pegboard for a while.....  More than a few months!   So now my hubby has got the pegboard up in my shop and I  have the time to start making it take shape!   FACELIFT at last!

 I have a better organized work space and I am ready to get more creative!

I have been teaching classes here in my studio since early Spring..... the disorganized space  didn't make teaching a hindrance too much!   BUT ... now I can feel more relaxed and ORGANIZED! And I can spend more time getting ready to teach classes and creating my jewelry in a much better way!

My studio looks far more organized and clean..... now that I can FIND my tools!  I feel so much more creative in my work space .   Now,  I  feel I can give more attention to planning out my lessons and writing my tutorials!

 I am ready for my next workshop here ... June 24th !  "Tree of Life" pendants  will be so much fun to teach and I am excited to have my students back!

More workshops are scheduled for this Summer .... More details and dates coming soon .....

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Friday, June 12, 2015

"Tree of Life" Pendant Jewelry / favorite jewelry request of all time!

My "tree of life" pendants have always been a favorite art piece that I love to create. It has become such a favorite with so many over the years, and  I still have many requests for it.  I have learned many ways to change the designs for them.  I now make them with natural sea shells, sea glass, antique watch parts, and many various gemstone shapes.  

 I have always been fascinated  by the symbols and meanings  of the "Tree of Life".  For over 6 years,  I have been designing tree of life pendants and finding new ways to make them.   It is one of my most requested jewelry art pieces.  I think its symbols and universal meanings behind the "tree" make it very popular with everyone . It has so many different representations in different cultures and religions everywhere making it so popular.

The tree of life is a mystical and magical tree well know throughout many cultures , dating back to ancient times. Called by many different names, all have similar meanings as the source of life  in wisdom, protection, strength, bounty, beauty and redemption.

For Christians,  in the book of Genesis, it represents God's provision of immortality in the "Garden of Eden" and its consequences for obedience  to God and stands as a reminder that one day we will see this tree again in the New Jerusalem, the Holy City and stands as a symbol of its constant flow of everlasting life.

The tree of life and the elements are intimately involved. Fire, Earth, Air, Water all combine their forces to create the awesome life giving power of the tree. From fire comes the power of the sun and giving it light. From earth, comes the nourishment of the roots that combines its strength with the sun to provide the food the the tree needs to render its life giving power.  From the waters comes the power to give growth and life to the fruit and supply those that seek eternal life with the mystical power of its unique fruit.  And from the air there is a communication exchange with the surroundings, " the breath of life"  that benefits  the growth of the tree... the healing powers of the soul.  Each one nurtures and inspires transformation of life giving food and supports the tree for everlasting abundance.

Many different meanings and symbols are represented and different ways to create the tree to make it unique.

I want to pass on the skills I have acquired  and the tutorials I have written for  "Tree of Life" pendants so others might learn to create....

  On Wednesday, June 24th, I will be teaching a class on making "Tree of Life" Pendants.  You will learn to make your own natural gemstone , sterling silver pendant that has your own personal meaning  to you.  Our class is at 10:00 AM and lasts until 1:30 PM with brunch served during the class.  I provide all materials, tools to work with, and instructional handouts to take home with you so you can continue to practice and learn at home.  Come join us in my home studio in Milton, Florida for a morning of FUN, FOOD, and CREATIVITY!

Contact me :
 OR  by text message : 850-450-2447

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You can find us...  Studio PMR and Vanuelart most every Saturday at Palofox Market 9 AM - 2 PM and every 3rd Friday night at Seville Quarters Artist Row ( Gallery Night )  in Pensacola.
Also every 1st Saturday in Gulf Shores, Alabama  (Gulf Coast Arts Alliance) at Waterway Village.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Netted Bezel Lace Rings Class was a big success!

A few years ago, while practicing the netted lace  style of wire wrapping,  I designed by quite accident, this new technique of creating a very secure and attractive laced ring.  I call it netted bezel lace because of the beautiful designed lace that envelopes the stone. 

I have since then written my own tutorial, and soon publishing it for sale.  We had our first class using my tutorial yesterday in my home studio - Studio PMR.

The class was a big success and I felt good that my students learned this technique and can now use the tutorial  for ring making . The tut is so versatile that with practice it can be used for making netted bezel lace pendants.

Even though it was more advanced, and took them quite a lot of time to complete, most all of them were able to take home their finished product to show their friends.  It is my hope that my classes will continue to grow this Summer and into the Fall.

I do like to stress that the first time you create , it might not be "perfect", but with practice you can make some beautiful jewelry.   A fun and relaxing atmosphere is what I like to strive for in my classes....... 

As you can see from pictures... it takes concentration to learn this technique... but we still had FUN!

Very determined to finish their ring today!

Although there have been other tutorials written,  mine is totally  different from any other ....I feel  this one creates a more secure and attractive ring.

If you are interested in my classes, we meet on Wednesday mornings on the 3rd or 4th week of the month.  Next month the date will be June 24th 10:00 AM- 1:30 PM and we serve brunch , have FUN and take breaks!

Next class will be " Tree of Life " Pendants and using my written tutorial that is totally different from others .......  I also like to give you a list of tools and where to purchase them.  I give lots of "experience tips"  to my students that help keep them from making the mistakes I made while learning..... We would love to have you join us for a class soon!

I serve my students a morning brunch so they can take breaks and feel free to relax!

If you cannot attend at my home studio and can find at least 5 or more students,  I will travel to you for a class session.......

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Monday, May 11, 2015

My mother was an inspiration and always there for me!

My mother was an inspiration to me... and I owe so much to her .  Since yesterday was Mothers Day,  I  do realize how much my mom is missed by me and my brother.  She has been gone since 2003 and there is not a day that goes by that  I am not reminded of "how much I miss her".

She was not always easy to get along with, however,   she was always available to me and I could always just pick up the phone and call her no matter what time of day it was.

I think most of us take our parents for granted... and we don't realize how quickly they can be taken from us.  Especially those who lead such busy lives ...whether it's our children's activities,  school, careers,  friends,  the gym, extra curricular activities  or what ever keeps us busy.   We should NEVER be too busy to just pick up the PHONE (not the texting only phone)  and carry on  a real conversation that requires using our voices.  Our moms have sacrificed so much for us.... so that is the least we can do .....just make that call!

What has happened to this new generation of young families???  They just dont have the same priorities as the generation I grew up in.  

I always stayed very close to my mom and called her at least 2 -3 times a week.  I am very lucky if I  get a call  from my family once every 3-6 months. 

Although grandkids are pretty good at calling, as they get to a certain age.... it does begin to get less and less more frequent.  The once a month call turns into once every 2-3 months. 

 I realize that their lives are getting really more social and busy with activities,  but it does not make it any easier to deal with and you don't miss them any less.

I miss both of my parents so much and would give anything to have them both back to talk to!  It really hurts to grow older and less important to your family..... I guess we get to the age that we are not needed as much!

My  big brother has just moved to the gulf coast and  much closer to me,   so I am really looking forward to spending more time with him very soon....  

Hope your Mothers day was full of love and family....  even though mine was pretty quiet around here , I know I am loved ! That is what matters most!

Monday, May 4, 2015

My Classes are Growing!

I am getting excited about all the possibilities in creating that my new students will be experiencing in the next class "Netted Bezel Lace Rings".  Experimenting with this new technique in lacing bezel rings is so much fun to do! Next class will be Wednesday May 20th at 10AM -1PM

My students help me decide what will be taught in our classes.  Before the end of my classes, I  ask them what they want to see taught in next few months... and they tell me!  I also like to get feedback on how much they learned and how well that I taught and what I can do different to help them learn what they need to to be successful. I allow them to ask me questions in my classes... I feel this is important and helps them feel better.

Our next class will be taught in my home studio in Milton, Florida and will be a window to expand the creative opportunities to all who dare to show up for it.  Most of the class time is " hands on" teaching instead of lecturing and they get to take home at least one or more tutorials they can study at home.

Lacing techniques are the "next step" to mastering a very beautiful framing technique for pendants and rings and this is what I will be teaching this next session.

If you want to expand your jewelry making into some very beautiful artistic creations or just join in to have some creative fun... then you wont want to miss this class.  I do not pressure my students to have perfection the first time... because this is not the most important thing in my class.  I like to stress that my students "have fun" and not worry about how perfect the first piece is.... and to just know that will happen with practicing the technique at home.

You know experimenting with creativity is how I have built my designing and jewelry art business to what it is today..... and it continues to grow every week that I spend creating and teaching.  All of my students are expanding as well,  and growing into into very creative and talented jewelry artists who will one day learn their "special niche" that makes them love what they do and want to awake everyday just to create beautiful artwork.

Classes do fill very fast .... so contact me very soon if you want to "play" with us!

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Jewelry Making Classes Spring & Summer 2015

I wish I had started this a lot sooner!

Jewelry Making Classes are officially  a hit!  Wednesday I had my first class for this year..... and after reviewing the class survey, it was a big success!

Everyone had fun and everyone learned how to make rings successfully.

Like I told them.... it is not about perfection,  but how much fun and creative attitude you have.  Take what you have learned and practice until you like what you are doing.  Bring any questions to me in the next class so you can build on your knowledge each time.  This is how successful jewelry designers are created.....

The first time you do something new, you are just exploring the possibilities.  Then after you get home you can do the techniques over and over until you start making some beautiful jewelry.

I was very impressed at how much talent was in that room... so many beautiful pieces of jewelry were created and I felt proud to be teaching these wonderful ladies.

My style of teaching is to let them be creative and run with it... That is exactly what everyone did! 

The beautiful thing about jewelry making is that each person has their own style and no two rings or pieces of jewelry will ever be just alike!

My next class will be on Wednesday, May 6th and it will be a repeat  of Introduction to Wire Wrapping Rings ... It was requested so much to be taught at another date ... so  3 different rings in 3 hours will be taught once again.

May 20th will be Netted Bezel Rings and for 3 hours you will create a more advanced style ring.

June 3 will be Tree of Life Pendants in another 3 hour class.

I asked my first students to give me a list of what they wanted taught and these were some of the most requested classes.

I love my little group and every few weeks I really want it to grow.... so many can get involved in learning jewelry making and design.

 So proud of our little group and hope it continues to grow every month!

My home studio is in Milton, Florida 

If you would like more information about our classes just email me at

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jewelry Classes in my Home /Studio PMR

Jewelry Classes at Studio PMR

Starting this Spring, in fact, next week April 22nd.... I am offering jewelry making classes in my home studio. For years I have been asked "why dont you teach jewelry making?"  and I answered ....I plan to soon. 

I was asked by one of my fellow artist friends to teach : " Wire Wrapping Rngs"  because she wants to learn some of my methods.  I started writing tutorials a few months ago, so the timing is perfect.  

I am getting excited about teaching again.  I have a Bachelor degree in health education from the University of Alabama, but I havent taught classes in many years.
My degree was more suited to geriatric care of the elderly and children .  I taught in a vocational high school many years ago preparing high school students for caring for children and elderly patients.

I pursued my jewelry design career later in life after taking over the management of my parents jewelry store business.  That was a change in  direction I never have regretted.
It not only helped me learn about jewelry design, but it brought out the management and business skills that I enjoyed and was quite good at as well. 
I also grew closer to my parents as they were growing older.  I worked side by side with both of them for many years.  My mom had to retire for health reasons in early 1990s , but my dad continued to do watch repair and watchmaking  right beside me until he died of cancer in 2001.

I loved and respected my parents dearly... I would give anything to have them both back. Mom died in 2005 after a long illness that kept her bed ridden for years.  My sweet artist husband, Vanuel and I took her into our home the last 5 years of her life  so we could be close to her and give her the care she needed.

Now as I approach my retirement years... I realize how important teaching really is.  I have learned so much about  designing and creating jewelry over the years... it is now time I started passing this knowledge on to some others who want to learn.  I think this is important the older I get... and of course while I still have all of my faculties and abilities.

My husband is also a very excellent teacher and has taught art skills to young students for many years.  

The greatest part about living  and doing our "art" here on the Gulf Coast is we have met so many other artists and friends that are coming along with so much natural talent.  I want to be a mentor in "jewelry art skills & design"   now to  them as they are starting their careers in jewelry and art design.  

So next week, April 22, I will be starting my jewelry classes in my home studio / Studio PMR in Milton , Florida.... just a few minutes across the bay from Pensacola.

I will be keeping you updated on its growth and progress. I might even take some pics of my students as the learn to create "wire wrapped rings" next week .  This class will be an introduction class ... but I plan to have more in depth,  intermediate classes very soon. 

So keep reading my blog for the next class plans and updates.  I am so excited about this new direction I am taking..........

Van and I will still be working our usual art markets on the weekends... Palofox Market on Saturdays in Pensacola, Gallery Night  every third Friday night, and GCAA Art Market at the new "Waterway Village"  in Gulf Shores every first Saturday each month.

So continue to come out to visit us and buy our art..... we really appreciate our buyers and friends helping us supplement our income because it really is hard to make it as retirees without you  folks..... and sign up for my classes if you live close to Milton and Pensacola.

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