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Friday, February 4, 2011

New Colours/ JEWELRY TRENDS for Spring 2011

This Winter has been a long, dreary, and very drab one and I don't know about you, but I Really am READY FOR SPRING ! 
While researching the new colors for Spring and getting  some uplifting ideas to get my creative juices flowing....... I have  realized... I AM SO  tired of greys, blacks, and neutral colors!

Color is finally peeking its head around the corner, well it is in my mind anyway....... I see beautiful blooming flowers in yellows, pinks, lavenders and red  .... I smell the blossoms of the lilac bushes, the honeysuckle perfume,  and I hear the soft melody of the mocking birds singing...  Spring is coming  and colors are beginning to come alive!

Pantone's Fashion and Home  predictions about color trends for 2011 are becoming uplifting , encouraging and vibrant in my head ....

The fashion trends are as much of an influence on jewelry as ever..... and Pantone's top ten colors for women's fashions by New York's fashion designers delivered  this past Fall  is alive in stores already.

As Pantone forcasts the colors for the Spring, HONEY SUCKLE PINK  is one of the hot new colors saying that it is a vibrant, flirtatious, and " feel good" hue. A perfect post winter "pick Me Up" that is really over due.  Another color is  spicy CORAL ROSE that has an orange , tangy, feel to it. and honeyed yellow BEESWAX, which reminds us of fawaway destinations like Trinadad or Costa Rica where it is WARM and pleasant and you can feel the wind and sun in your hair.  Then there is the opposite color on the wheel, cooling Blue REGATTA, with its soothing refreshing cool water feeling.  This color works extremely well with the spicy oranges and sweet pinks , cooling them down a bit.
Honeysuckle Pink is an encouraging and uplifting color and will likely be seen in the department stores very soon this Spring 2011.  Make sure you include this color in your new jewelry lines.

The complementary and Opposite colors mentioned will also be popular choices to complement the newest fashions.

Jewelry creations this Spring should be about feeling good pick me ups,  offering escapes to faraway destinations.  Turquoise and Blue hues are  popular again this year.  Peapod green will bring an organic element to the scene and will remind us of "new growth"  and "new life" that Spring brings to us year after year.......

Check the new Spring colors for 2011

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