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Monday, September 27, 2010

Jewelry Creating Styles ... That is Bliss

Creating is bliss! From beginning to end, what you create in your jewelry is an expression of your inner being. It is part of you and what you can see in your mind and combine your ability to put it into a design. It first comes as a picture in your mind see colors and shapes, then with your abilities to start using materials to create this piece, you weave it and mold it into what your mind conceives as a piece of art , then is boldly created from wire, gemstones, beads, parts or what ever you would like to use.
I prefer to use mostly malleable wire in 14k gold filled or sterling silver. Your ability to mold and make use of your hands to create is very important. You must also have a planed style of jewelry in mind and know what kind of audience you want to appeal to. The personality of your customers must be something you think about when designing each piece of jewelry. What is hot and what sells is also a key to how you plan and what direction you take. Price points are also key to consider. In today's economy, most people are not spending a fortune on each piece of wearable art they are buying so you must keep that in mind and keep prices affordable.
My styles are geared toward the young, free spirited, unusual and unique because most of my designs are "one of a kind" and they tend to be worn by ones who are their own persons and like to be different... so to speak. Although I also have a design line that is very softly romantic, victorian, and sensually feminine. I hope that some of my designs will appeal to a broad spectrum of people as well.
I really enjoy making the funky, steampunk, gothic jewelry that crosses into the victorian era as well as the modern day time frame so that I can create with gears, watch parts, cameos, watch band parts, and watch parts hands showing how time really does cross barriers of many kinds. I think the STEAMPUNK designs speak to the era we are living in today because of the super fast changes in technology that are surrounding this generation and making such erratic plunges into our "TIME ZONES" that really what is OLD is NEW and exciting to be brought back into usefulness. What is Old can always be recycled into NEW once again. This is very crucial and says alot about the socialization and interactions of all generations. Living in harmony with each other, both young and old, nurturing and being nurtured, this is our quest and part of our journey in life. If we can accomplish this ..... "that is our bliss".