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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Netted Bezel Lace Rings Class was a big success!

A few years ago, while practicing the netted lace  style of wire wrapping,  I designed by quite accident, this new technique of creating a very secure and attractive laced ring.  I call it netted bezel lace because of the beautiful designed lace that envelopes the stone. 

I have since then written my own tutorial, and soon publishing it for sale.  We had our first class using my tutorial yesterday in my home studio - Studio PMR.

The class was a big success and I felt good that my students learned this technique and can now use the tutorial  for ring making . The tut is so versatile that with practice it can be used for making netted bezel lace pendants.

Even though it was more advanced, and took them quite a lot of time to complete, most all of them were able to take home their finished product to show their friends.  It is my hope that my classes will continue to grow this Summer and into the Fall.

I do like to stress that the first time you create , it might not be "perfect", but with practice you can make some beautiful jewelry.   A fun and relaxing atmosphere is what I like to strive for in my classes....... 

As you can see from pictures... it takes concentration to learn this technique... but we still had FUN!

Very determined to finish their ring today!

Although there have been other tutorials written,  mine is totally  different from any other ....I feel  this one creates a more secure and attractive ring.

If you are interested in my classes, we meet on Wednesday mornings on the 3rd or 4th week of the month.  Next month the date will be June 24th 10:00 AM- 1:30 PM and we serve brunch , have FUN and take breaks!

Next class will be " Tree of Life " Pendants and using my written tutorial that is totally different from others .......  I also like to give you a list of tools and where to purchase them.  I give lots of "experience tips"  to my students that help keep them from making the mistakes I made while learning..... We would love to have you join us for a class soon!

I serve my students a morning brunch so they can take breaks and feel free to relax!

If you cannot attend at my home studio and can find at least 5 or more students,  I will travel to you for a class session.......

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