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Friday, June 12, 2015

"Tree of Life" Pendant Jewelry / favorite jewelry request of all time!

My "tree of life" pendants have always been a favorite art piece that I love to create. It has become such a favorite with so many over the years, and  I still have many requests for it.  I have learned many ways to change the designs for them.  I now make them with natural sea shells, sea glass, antique watch parts, and many various gemstone shapes.  

 I have always been fascinated  by the symbols and meanings  of the "Tree of Life".  For over 6 years,  I have been designing tree of life pendants and finding new ways to make them.   It is one of my most requested jewelry art pieces.  I think its symbols and universal meanings behind the "tree" make it very popular with everyone . It has so many different representations in different cultures and religions everywhere making it so popular.

The tree of life is a mystical and magical tree well know throughout many cultures , dating back to ancient times. Called by many different names, all have similar meanings as the source of life  in wisdom, protection, strength, bounty, beauty and redemption.

For Christians,  in the book of Genesis, it represents God's provision of immortality in the "Garden of Eden" and its consequences for obedience  to God and stands as a reminder that one day we will see this tree again in the New Jerusalem, the Holy City and stands as a symbol of its constant flow of everlasting life.

The tree of life and the elements are intimately involved. Fire, Earth, Air, Water all combine their forces to create the awesome life giving power of the tree. From fire comes the power of the sun and giving it light. From earth, comes the nourishment of the roots that combines its strength with the sun to provide the food the the tree needs to render its life giving power.  From the waters comes the power to give growth and life to the fruit and supply those that seek eternal life with the mystical power of its unique fruit.  And from the air there is a communication exchange with the surroundings, " the breath of life"  that benefits  the growth of the tree... the healing powers of the soul.  Each one nurtures and inspires transformation of life giving food and supports the tree for everlasting abundance.

Many different meanings and symbols are represented and different ways to create the tree to make it unique.

I want to pass on the skills I have acquired  and the tutorials I have written for  "Tree of Life" pendants so others might learn to create....

  On Wednesday, June 24th, I will be teaching a class on making "Tree of Life" Pendants.  You will learn to make your own natural gemstone , sterling silver pendant that has your own personal meaning  to you.  Our class is at 10:00 AM and lasts until 1:30 PM with brunch served during the class.  I provide all materials, tools to work with, and instructional handouts to take home with you so you can continue to practice and learn at home.  Come join us in my home studio in Milton, Florida for a morning of FUN, FOOD, and CREATIVITY!

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