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Monday, May 4, 2015

My Classes are Growing!

I am getting excited about all the possibilities in creating that my new students will be experiencing in the next class "Netted Bezel Lace Rings".  Experimenting with this new technique in lacing bezel rings is so much fun to do! Next class will be Wednesday May 20th at 10AM -1PM

My students help me decide what will be taught in our classes.  Before the end of my classes, I  ask them what they want to see taught in next few months... and they tell me!  I also like to get feedback on how much they learned and how well that I taught and what I can do different to help them learn what they need to to be successful. I allow them to ask me questions in my classes... I feel this is important and helps them feel better.

Our next class will be taught in my home studio in Milton, Florida and will be a window to expand the creative opportunities to all who dare to show up for it.  Most of the class time is " hands on" teaching instead of lecturing and they get to take home at least one or more tutorials they can study at home.

Lacing techniques are the "next step" to mastering a very beautiful framing technique for pendants and rings and this is what I will be teaching this next session.

If you want to expand your jewelry making into some very beautiful artistic creations or just join in to have some creative fun... then you wont want to miss this class.  I do not pressure my students to have perfection the first time... because this is not the most important thing in my class.  I like to stress that my students "have fun" and not worry about how perfect the first piece is.... and to just know that will happen with practicing the technique at home.

You know experimenting with creativity is how I have built my designing and jewelry art business to what it is today..... and it continues to grow every week that I spend creating and teaching.  All of my students are expanding as well,  and growing into into very creative and talented jewelry artists who will one day learn their "special niche" that makes them love what they do and want to awake everyday just to create beautiful artwork.

Classes do fill very fast .... so contact me very soon if you want to "play" with us!

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