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Friday, April 24, 2015

Jewelry Making Classes Spring & Summer 2015

I wish I had started this a lot sooner!

Jewelry Making Classes are officially  a hit!  Wednesday I had my first class for this year..... and after reviewing the class survey, it was a big success!

Everyone had fun and everyone learned how to make rings successfully.

Like I told them.... it is not about perfection,  but how much fun and creative attitude you have.  Take what you have learned and practice until you like what you are doing.  Bring any questions to me in the next class so you can build on your knowledge each time.  This is how successful jewelry designers are created.....

The first time you do something new, you are just exploring the possibilities.  Then after you get home you can do the techniques over and over until you start making some beautiful jewelry.

I was very impressed at how much talent was in that room... so many beautiful pieces of jewelry were created and I felt proud to be teaching these wonderful ladies.

My style of teaching is to let them be creative and run with it... That is exactly what everyone did! 

The beautiful thing about jewelry making is that each person has their own style and no two rings or pieces of jewelry will ever be just alike!

My next class will be on Wednesday, May 6th and it will be a repeat  of Introduction to Wire Wrapping Rings ... It was requested so much to be taught at another date ... so  3 different rings in 3 hours will be taught once again.

May 20th will be Netted Bezel Rings and for 3 hours you will create a more advanced style ring.

June 3 will be Tree of Life Pendants in another 3 hour class.

I asked my first students to give me a list of what they wanted taught and these were some of the most requested classes.

I love my little group and every few weeks I really want it to grow.... so many can get involved in learning jewelry making and design.

 So proud of our little group and hope it continues to grow every month!

My home studio is in Milton, Florida 

If you would like more information about our classes just email me at

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