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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Studio PMR gets a facelift!

I have been trying to get my studio in better shape for almost a year now. It seems everything else has taken priority.  First, it was reorganizing the house after moving... then it was just trying to get more jewelry created for my online orders......   adding to our market selections..... then it was planting our garden this Spring..... It seemed I was NEVER going to find time for organizing my work space....

Our garden is looking great after first few weeks of planting this Spring.... I love my husband for planning and planting most all of it himself!  He is so smart.... now we are reaping the benefits of all that work.... But I really need to get busy with my studio.

  He builds my jewelry displays  and puts my shop in order..... I love him with all my heart for putting up with me and my impatience.... BUT I was waiting on my hubby to put up my pegboard for a while.....  More than a few months!   So now my hubby has got the pegboard up in my shop and I  have the time to start making it take shape!   FACELIFT at last!

 I have a better organized work space and I am ready to get more creative!

I have been teaching classes here in my studio since early Spring..... the disorganized space  didn't make teaching a hindrance too much!   BUT ... now I can feel more relaxed and ORGANIZED! And I can spend more time getting ready to teach classes and creating my jewelry in a much better way!

My studio looks far more organized and clean..... now that I can FIND my tools!  I feel so much more creative in my work space .   Now,  I  feel I can give more attention to planning out my lessons and writing my tutorials!

 I am ready for my next workshop here ... June 24th !  "Tree of Life" pendants  will be so much fun to teach and I am excited to have my students back!

More workshops are scheduled for this Summer .... More details and dates coming soon .....

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