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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Great TIPS for Making Your Work space / Bench Efficient for Jewelry Making

Great TIPS in jewelry making to make learning your skills easier!

Here are some TIPS that I have learned over the years to make jewelry making better and more efficient in your work space.

1) Keep your bench / work space organized.

The most important tip for working efficiently is organization.  Important time saving tip "know where your tools are".  Keep the most important tools within your reach at the bench.  Try to keep them as close to your work space as possible.  I utilize peg boards, clear see through boxes, see through plastic shoe organizers and leather belts to make in-expensive organizers.  Also important to outline the shape of each tool on the pegboard to show where it goes.

2) Label clear plastic storage boxes and store in the area you will be using them.

 Hanging cosmetic organizers on the wall close to your work space work great as seen in picture #3

3) Use clear storage boxes with separation spaces to color code your bead supplies in colors, sizes, shapes and materials they are made of  (example:   wood-code them as to shape, size or color in one box) Then I lock them away in a storage cabinet close to where I use them.

4) Here is an added tip:   Make inexpensive emery board files out of wood.  See this link for easy instructions:  Emery Stick

5) Use an old leather belt to strap across the bottom of the pegboard to hang specialty hammers as seen in  picture #3.

6) An old tree trunk stump makes an excellent hammering station.  Just flatten and sand the top, put casters on the bottom so you can move around easily and use an old leather belt to strap on and hang hammers from as seen in picture #3.

Hope these tips will help in setting up your work station.  Just know that having your tools where you use them is an important way to save time!

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