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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Women are Masters of their Minds, Bodies and Souls

Women need to be cleansed of the negative vibes in their souls.  Women need to know that they ARE each and every one,  just as important as men.  We were each created for something special and we each have a purpose in life that is very special.

As an artist and being a woman, I have long been given the rap that I cannot accomplish , or I cannot get beyond the feelings of torture in my soul.  I am not sure if this is genetic or just something that most women from the deep south just  "feel" inside.  I have fought against this for most all of my life... But I am telling you,  you CAN and will get beyond this... it just takes a perseverance,hard work, a belief in yourself and a lot of dedication. I don't listen to this "devil on my shoulder" anymore.... It is just plain  GONE but it took a while!

Women,  we can accomplish and get above and beyond those negative feelings.  It has taken me many decades to learn that women are capable of "the greatest" things.   We are so creative, intuitive and smart!  We are becoming great "soldiers " on the battlefield. We need to become great soldiers of the "mind" and conquor the fears we have had inside our heads for hundreds of years.

I am honored to know many great women soldiers since moving to the emerald coast.  In my day (growing up in the 60's and 70's),   women were just being allowed to serve as "helpers", comforters, assistants, and nurse maids in time of war.  I am so glad that our military is changing these days and realizing our women can serve beside men on battlefields.  Their strength and courage are just as "bad ass" as a man's and we can accomplish the same skills and goals in life and military service that men do.

As my grandchildren get older, I want them to be treated as "people" and not as a certain "gender".  We are all equal and should be given the same opportunities.  It is not appropriate to tell our children that only "boys"  are suppose to do certain types of  jobs.   We should not try to influence gender choices but let them decide what is right for them as people, and not as the old school male or female roles.  It is time our generation got rid of the stigmas of the 20th century.

I woke up this morning with this heavy on my heart and needed to write it down ..... now I have had my say.   Women, get to work.... I want you to be successful and prosperous and go beyond what you  just thought you could do.  Do magnificent things with your life!  BE AWESOME!

I want to see my grandchildren, especially,  accomplish the greatest heights possible!  So much more than I could ever think about doing with my life......
Reach for the stars!
and I want to continue on and BE AWESOME for the rest of my life !!!

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