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Monday, November 2, 2009

Anyone can Start a Jewelry Business in Design and Repair

I want to start out today addressing the point.... Anyone can start a Jewelry Business in Design and Repair! It doesn't take a rocket scientist... and it doesn't take enormous amounts of money to get started. What it does take is alot of hard work, perseverance and dedication to learning about the jewelry store business. I know you are thinking, that I was born into the business and I had it easy.... but I NEVER had it easy. Jewelry sales and customer relations are no different from any other retail or wholesale business. You have to do much pre planning, marketing and preparation before starting a business.You must have a PLAN of Action, to start. And you must know what those specific short and long term goals are. If you can stick to a plan, you can start this business! That is to say, if you already have some creative skills in art and design , and a pure desire to create jewelry with metals, gemstones and/ or wire sculpture, you don't have to start out with a lot of knowledge and or money, but have some common sense skills in business and some creative talents in jewelry. That is aIl you need.... PURE DESIRE!!!!!

Here is an article by Doreen Richmond that explains how easy it is to capitalize on selling jewelry to different personalities in a HOME BASED JEWELRY BUSINESS. I really liked the way she approaches this and I agree that Home Based businesses are money makers and a great way to open a business .....

In order to develop this ability you need to understand the five different types of style. These are fiery and expressive, natural and peaceful, styled and sophisticated, romantic and gentle or fun-loving and adventurous. It is also important to understand what colors and which forms will enhance the personality of your customer. The most exquisite pearls could look dowdy and boring on a fiery and high-spirited person. A bold and exuberant necklace full of ingenuity and charming creativity could look gaudy and crude on a romantic and gentle person.

A home based jewelry business is very special because it really gives you the time to get to know your customers. Jewelry is excellent for subtly branding positive and unique traits of our personality. If you, as a jewelry designer, can match your designs explicitly to the positive and individual personalities of your customers, you have a very good chance of succeeding with your business.

It takes time and commitment to master all aspects of such a jewelry business. It is worth the effort though. You will certainly create a business that will bring great artistic and aesthetic fulfillment to you personally. You will also acquire a circle of customers highly appreciative of your work. They will certainly love you for seeing the jewel like qualities that they sometimes tend to forget during the stress of everyday life.

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Doreen Richmond

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